How to use Olliv Bitcoin ATM?

“Olliv Bitcoin ATM” refers to a type of automated teller machine (ATM) specifically designed for buying and selling Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency. Olliv is likely the name of the company or brand that manufactures or operates these Bitcoin ATMs. The term “ATM” is commonly associated with traditional cash-dispensing machines found in banks, but a Bitcoin ATM allows users to exchange cash or credit/debit cards for Bitcoin, or vice versa. These ATMs provide a convenient way for individuals to purchase or sell Bitcoin using physical currency without the need for a centralized exchange or online platform.

  1. Tap screen to start.
Olliv Bitcoin ATM welcome screen image

2. Select BTC to buy Bitcoin.

Olliv Bitcoin ATM : Select BTC image

3. Select “Buy” in this screen.

Olliv Bitcoin ATM: Select Buy image

4. Accept the ATM’s terms of service, tap agree to continue with your purchase.

Olliv Bitcoin ATM: Accept terms image

5. Select the amount by tapping on the screen.

Select BTC volume

6. Enter your phone number for authorisation.

Enter phone number

7. Enter the 5 digit one time passcode you received on your phone number and press continue.

Enter passcode image

8. Read the required disclosure.

Olliv Bitcoin ATM: Read required docs imaage

9. Connect to your crypto wallet by scanning the QR code from your wallet by holding your phone’s screen over the top left corner of the ATM.

Olliv Bitcoin ATM: Scan crypt wallet image

10. After scanning is complete deposit cash to complete your purchase.

Deposit amount image

11. Bitcoin purchase is completed press “Done”

Transaction complete image

Below is a video that comprehensively demonstrates the step-by-step process of buying Bitcoin at an Olliv ATM.

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