How can you buy Pancat cryptocurrency?

Pancat token can be bought from any of the popular exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance etc. Make sure to choose the exchange which is reputed and provides good security mechanism for the transaction. Before exploring the steps to buy Pancat cryptocurrency token let’s first understand what it is and how it works.

What is Pancat token?

Pancat crypto is a meme based token which was originally developed in 2021 by some innovative developers. It is not only secure, efficient and fast but it is also used for some charitable causues. Pancat ecosystem was constructed on Polygon network and uses pancat token for transaction.

Pancat coin supports Pancat ecosystem which has Pancat swap, Pancat NFT and Blockchain gaming protocols. It has a total of 500 quadrillion tokens. Main features of this coin are decentralization, security, charitablilty and community driven development.

Steps to buy pancat cryptocurrency

1. Find the exchange from where you want to buy the Pancat cryptocurrency.

2. Register on the exchange website by providing your details like email Id , phone number, address , Bank account details etc. Some cryptocurrency exchanges also ask for a video KYC where you have to upload a short 5 minute video and signature.

Register on exchange image

3. Complete the KYC process by email , phone and video verification process.

kyc image

4. Deposit the amount for which you want to buy the Pancat token in the cryptocurrency exchange.

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5. Select the number of pancat tokens you want to buy form the exchange and choose the order type “Buy”. Once the order is placed if the order is successful, the Pancat tokens will be added in your wallet address in the exchange.

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6. Make sure to transfer all the Pancat cryptocurrency from the exchange to any hardware or software wallet. Hardware wallet is the most secure mechanism to store the cryptocurrencies. Putting Pancat tokens in the exchange for long time might be little insecure as the exchanges can be hacked and you will lose all your digital assets.

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