CertiK Releases Report on Suspected Scammer Behind $1M Crypto Theft

Key Points:

  • CertiK uncovers links to anonymous scammer in Canada, tied to “Faint” crypto scammer.
  • “Faint” active since 2022, causing reported $1 million loss; CertiK identifies associated Ethereum Name Service domains.
  • Hacker identities still elusive; “Faint” remains a community threat, warns CertiK.
  • CertiK advises using Wallet Guard and Pocket Universe to detect wallet drainers, stresses verifying addresses and avoiding phishing approvals.

Blockchain security firm CertiK has uncovered potential evidence linking an anonymous scammer to a Canadian group. In a report to Cointelegraph, CertiK highlighted connections to the pseudonymous crypto scammer “Faint,” who has been active since 2022, causing a reported loss of at least $1 million. CertiK identified multiple Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains linked to “Faint,” such as faintxbt.eth, comefindme.eth, thanksfortheseed.eth, onchainkitten.eth, and hzontop.eth.

Although the findings were significant, the blockchain security firm remained unable to definitively identify the hackers’ real names or identities. The firm emphasized that Faint remains an ongoing threat to the community and advised members to safeguard themselves from possible wallet drainage attempts.

In their report, CertiK suggested utilizing tools like Wallet Guard and Pocket Universe, which can promptly notify users about potential connections to wallet drainers. The company also highlighted the importance of verifying addresses and ensuring that any approvals made are not associated with known phishing addresses.

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