Bitcoin Thunderbolt

In the world of cryptocurrency a new technology has emerged, known as “Bitcoin Thunderbolt”. Here, in this article we will understand the uses of it, its advantages , disadvantages, challenges and also look at how we can get started on it.

What is Bitcoin Thunderbolt?

It is a platform for Bitcoin and other crypto that offers simple, secure trading and transfer of cryptocurrencies. You can trade smartly and take better investment decision by the  trading tools and charts it provides. It was established in 2015 by some tech and finance enthusiasts.

How does it work?

It is an advance layer built on Bitcoin blockchain and address some issues from the original Bitcoin protocol. It is mainly second layer payment channel network which enables faster and safer transactions by benfitting from the security of decentralization.

Components of Bitcoin Thunderbolt​

Lightning network

It is a decentralized network of payment channels. Users can create off-chain payment channel with each other, which helps in faster and low-value transactions without congesting Bitcoin blockchain.

Smart Contract

For creating and managing payment channels for secure and trustless transactions between parties it uses smart contracts.


It is highly secured, since each transaction is cryptographically signed, which assures the user that their funds will be at utmost security.

pros of bitcoin thunderbolt

Super fast transactions

Due to Lightning network all transactions are executed instantly.

Low fees

Lightning network also reduce the cost of transactions. User can send small amount of crypto without worrying the high transaction fees.


Bitcoin Thunderbolt's second layer solution offloads bulk of transactions off-chain, which improves its scalability.



Lightning network is centralized, which makes it easily controlled by single entity.

Network complexity

Implementing Bitcoin Thunderbolt is very complex than to off-chain transactions due to the complexity of Lightning network.

Getting started with Bitcoin Thunderbolt

There are three major steps for making a transaction in it.

Wallet Creation

First step to use to Lightning Network is to create a Bitcoin Thunderbolt wallet.

Deposit money

You will have to deposit some money to buying the digital asset in the wallet, which was created in the first step.

Execute Transaction

Once the wallet is credited with some amount, you can start executing the transactions on the Lighting network.

Key features of Bitcoin Thunderbolt

Simple Interface

According to some users, it provides great UI and easy to use interface. It offers some great analysis tools and charts for trading.


Bitcoin Thunderbolt claims that it provides very high level of security to its user.

24/7 Support

They also offer 24/7 customer support via the experienced agents on their website.

Is Bitcoin Thunderbolt a Scam?

According to their website they provide very powerful and secure trading platform and their customer support is best in the industry. Still be very cautious in taking any decision for trading on this platforms. go through all the resources available on internet before signing up for trading on this platform.

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