Altura crypto: Empowering Web3 Gaming

Altura is a platform designed to serve as an open web3-gaming infrastructure, providing developers with a comprehensive set of tools to seamlessly integrate web3 capabilities into their games.

By leveraging Altura, game developers can easily mint, integrate, update, and transfer blockchain-backed assets within their games. This is made possible through the utilization of free, powerful, and well-documented API and SDKs, allowing developers to prioritize game development while Altura takes care of the technical aspects. Altura’s platform supports five blockchains, namely Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Fantom, and Avalanche, and offers Smart NFT technology. This technology allows for instant and cost-free updates of NFTs.

In addition, Altura provides developers with a platform to present their games and NFTs on the Altura Marketplace, which hosts an active community of thousands of users engaged in daily NFT transactions, including buying, selling, and trading. Furthermore, Altura offers a staking feature that allows holders of the ALU token to earn rewards of up to 15% by staking their ALU holdings.

Founders of Altura

Majd Hailat, a promising young entrepreneur who pursued computer engineering at the University of Toronto, established Altura. Majd’s passion for coding began during his high school years, and he has honed his programming skills for over five years. Throughout his journey, he has created various applications, including Portfolio View, a crypto portfolio management app that attracts an average of 300 daily active users.

With the inception of Altura, Majd has assembled a dedicated team of 15 individuals who share the vision of positioning Altura as the leading platform in the web3 world, akin to Steam’s influence in the gaming industry.

What sets Altura apart from other crypto?

Altura stands out as the most user-friendly and developer-oriented platform available. Its streamlined system, well-crafted documentation, support for multiple blockchains, and implementation of Smart NFT technology make it an obvious choice for developers looking to create web3 games with ease and enjoyment. Moreover, Altura’s expansive marketplace, boasting over 45,000 users and a community exceeding 100,000 individuals, ensures that building on Altura translates to reaching a vast existing community of web3 gamers.

Where Can You Buy Altura (ALU)?

You can buy ALU on Pancake Swap and

What is the price of Altura(ALU) crypto?

At the time of writing this post ALU was trading at $0.04257 with the market cap of $30,643,783 according to coinmaketcap. Current circulating supply of Altura(ALU) is 719,755,021 ALU, and total and max supply is 990,000,000 ALU. In last one year ALU gained 120% with the peak of $0.050.

Here is the graph of ALU coin of past one year. Graph source coinmarketcap.

Altura crypto graph

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