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Hi Friends,

I am Sanjay Izardar, Blogger, Researcher and Trainer by passion and IT engineer by profession. I have more than 12 years of experience in various IT companies. My last employer was in finance, which helped me gain expertise in finance and cryptocurrencies. Before finance, I worked in e-commerce and Travelling with big MNCs like Groupon and MakeMyTrip.

We will help you understand Crypto and Blockchain concepts, trending technologies and news on this website, which will boost your interest in these technologies.

What we do.

  • We research and analyse all the emerging and fascinating cryptocurrencies and the technologies behind them.
  • Blockchain world is complex and exciting. We explore all the nitty gritty of Blockchain and dive deeper behind its working mechanism.
  • Publish articles and blogs about all the new things happening in cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain world.
  • We cover the Latest and trending news in cryptocurrency space.
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Sanjay Izardar

Expert in IT Technologies and finance.

email: support@cryptotrekking.com

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